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4 days.

1 life-changing opportunity.

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wisdom, tools and practices

for dreaming a new world into being 

hosted by Linda L. Fitch

& Renee Baribeau


Are you ready to create transformation, change and healing in the world… to discover and learn tools and practices that have worked for thousands of years, and will work for you today?

From ancient indigenous wisdom to evolving new approaches,

you'll get real, powerful inspiration, tools and practices

 from 30+ shamans, healers and mystics  from diverse traditions and backgrounds, including Andean, Celtic, Norse, Egyptian, South African, Native American, Mexican, Core Shamanism and more. 

Each of our esteemed speakers is here to share a message of how to dream in a world using tools, practices, wisdom, and power that have worked for thousands of years….. this is for your transformation, your change and your healing…. And for the planet.



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not your ordinary summit

The Shamanic Dreamkeepers Summit is all about transformation. YOUR transformation. And the transformation of the world.

It's a celebration of extraordinary shamans, healers, mystics and sacred activists, to bring about healing, change and transformation in our world. 


For four days – May 4-7, 2021 –  our remarkable presenters, guided by hosts Linda Fitch and Renee Baribeau, will share powerful, proved  tools practices and exercises , to help you discover your most extraordinary self.


Practical exercises, practices, skills and steps you can begin to use right away.  


All for free!


You'll love these not only because they're simple...but they work! 


Putting even just a few of these into practice can help you dream in a world you LOVE!



We'll be adding loads of special free bonus content daily, offered as free gifts to you from our presenters – including more than 20 hours of free trainings, videos, audio meditations, master classes, journeys, workbooks, resources, eBooks and more. 

All downloadable and yours to keep!


With so much variety – and so much precious knowledge –  by the end of the Summit you’ll discover just what you need to embrace and dream a new world into being.

The time for transformation is now. 


join us!

4 days. 30+ remarkable shamans, healers & Mystics.

1 life-changing opportunity.

Shamanic Dreamkeepers Copy.png
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MEET YOUR HOST – Linda Fitch

An accomplished teacher, mentor and coach, Linda L. Fitch is passionate about discovering and sharing tools and practices that can help you become the very best "you" you can be.  Widely recognized for her innovative programs and classes, she regularly teaches online and in person, and has trained thousands of students in personal development and shamanic healing techniques. She maintains an active personal coaching practice, working with clients around the globe. A practicing shaman for more than two decades, each year she leads sacred journeys to the high mountains and jungles of Peru.



Renee Baribeau, The Practical Shaman is the go-to lifestyle Coach for change makers who seek to leave the world a better place for the future generations. Her intuitive abilities, combined with her no-nonsense approach will help you create lasting and impactful change by first healing yourself. You are here reading this right now because you are an innovative change-maker. Renee will help you to quickly navigate toward the most direct pathways to achieving your cherished goals, no matter which wind is blowing. She is the award-winning best-selling Hay House author of Winds of Spirit: Ancient Wisdom Tools for Navigating Relationships, Health and the Divine .


Afternoon Sessions

Is there a business in open source? (Amanda Brock | CEO @ OpenUK)

In a year where only a few months in and Elastic moved their Search to a proprietary licence and Grafana moved to AGPL, Amanda Brock takes us on a brief journey through the last decade and the study of the business of open source. Rumours and rumblings that Open Source is going to change abound. Are we doubling down on open or moving to proprietary code? Is there a business in open source? Where does the future of open source in business lie?

Navigating Open Source Risk (Dawn Foster, Director of Open Source Community Strategy @ Vmware)

Most business decisions boil down to an assessment of risk and making tradeoffs. We should all be thinking about risks relative to how we’re using open source projects, and if we build our business on top of an open source technology, we want it to be as low of a risk as possible. This talk will:
* Compare the risk between projects under neutral foundations vs. those owned by individual companies.
* Provide details about how governance impacts risk relative to leadership selection, decision-making processes, and communication.
* Evaluate business risk in terms of contributors and organizations to determine the level of risk associated with individuals or organizations leaving the project.
* Discuss how certain behaviors within the community can increase or decrease the risk of using and contributing to a project. The audience will walk away with practical advice about how to assess risk and evaluate projects for your organization while also learning about ways to decrease risk in your own projects.

Beyond code: centering people in open source (Tobie Langel, Principal @ UnlockOpen & Coraline Ada Ehmke, Founder & Executive Director @ Organization for Ethical Source)

The founding principles of open source center on two things: the code and the license. As open source gained traction and transformed from a counter-cultural tech movement to powering our global digital economy, it also transformed from a mostly individual practice to a highly collective global endeavor spanning organizations and cultures. Such a huge shift doesn't come without its growing pains. As a result, the open source community has started to adopt and formalize norms and practices to create effective and healthy collaboration environments, such as codes of conduct and open governance. But as open source becomes ubiquitous, its impact on our world is growing, too. This calls for new efforts addressing the broader impact of open source and once again putting people first. Last year, Tobie Langel invited Nithya Ruff, Comcast’s Head of Open Source and Chair of the Linux Foundation Board, for a conversation about corporations’ journeys in open source. This year, he’ll be joined by Coraline Ada Ehmke, Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Organization for Ethical Source and creator of Contributor Covenant, to discuss these new challenges.

How Open Source Drives Cloud Native Business (Liz Rice, Chief Open Source Officer @ Isovalent)

The cloud native landscape is centred around a core of open source projects within the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, but there are many commercial businesses operating successfully in this landscape. This talk explores why these vendors are investing in open source as part of a broader strategy, and considers questions such as: How can you persuade your sales team, your commercial leaders, and your investors that it’s good for business to give source code away for free?
Why should a company invest engineering resources in other people's open source projects, when there is plenty of work to be done on your own products?
How is open source stimulating innovation in the cloud native sector?

Cloud native with Open Source in Azure (Henrique Graça, Cloud Solution Architect App Innovation @ Microsoft)

Come have a look at what Microsoft has been doing and contributing to the opensource community. We will talking about projects such as Dapr, Keda, OSM and others. And a quick peek into the future of cloud native in Azure.

Ask Me Anything: special interview with a MySQL Solution Engineer (Keith Hollman, Principal Solution Engineer @ MySQL & Juan Cañás, Key Account Director @ MySQL)

Some people call them "AMA / Ask Me Anything" or "Question Time", others refer to an interview type role-play. It might be considered a prepared "and here's one I made earlier" Q-n-A but no two sessions are the same. Today we'll be going through a list of recurring questions that we, the MySQL Solution Engineering team, receive from time to time via webinars, conferences, one-on-one meetings and even way back when we had those face-to-face sessions (remember those?). The main topics we have identified in order to give some guidance as to what we'll start talking about are High Availability / Clustering solutions, Security, Performance and Common Conceptual Q's. How we end up depends on you and your live questions. So, come along, listen, participate or even test us to see how the world of MySQL takes shape according to how the session unveils.

Learning in public: how you can learn new technologies faster and easier with the help of open source communities (María Cruz, Program Manager, Community Engagement @ Google)

In this talk, we will review what is the key value of the community in any open source project. Participants will learn real life examples of community members who learned a new technology, expanded their expertise, and sometimes even became community leaders for the project to help others learn a new technology. This talk's aim is to inspire participants in what it means to be part of a community and how to make this a welcoming space for others to access and learn.

Open Source Tools for Data Science (Bob Kozdemba, Principal Solutions Architect @ Red Hat)

Today, data driven workflows often steer IT organizations as they align with and meet business goals. This talk will provide IT decision makers with an awareness of the open source technologies available for use in developing and deploying data science, AI and machine learning applications. Bob will review the challenges associated with data science workflows and discuss open source approaches to solving them. Specifically, Bob will describe the Open Data Hub project and how it can help organizations spend less time managing software and more time on solving business challenges.

Going Cloud Native with Openshift! (Rui Violante, Solutions Manager @ Syone & Mafalda Santos, Engineer @ Syone)

Learn what benefits an Openshift environment can bring to your applications lifecycle. In this talk we’ll also discuss the differences between adopting a Kubernetes vanilla solution versus adopting Openshift Container Platform.

Databases on Kubernetes – with demo (Denis Rosa, Developer Advocate @ Couchbase)

Developers always expect databases to work out of the box, but historically that hasn’t been the case. Thanks to performance improvements made to Docker in the last few years and the rise of Kubernetes, running high-performance stateful applications inside containers is now a reality. A few questions have been raised to address this new normal: Why should I do that in the first place? How hard is it? What are the challenges? Is it production ready? These questions and more will be answered during a live demo that will deploy a database and operator, fail nodes, and scale up and down with almost no manual intervention using state-of-the-art technology.

From Mandrake to /e/ OS and (Philippe Lardy, CEO @ OpenExpo Europe & Gaël Duval, Founder @ /e/)

Welcome to the great interview with Gaël Duval lead by Philippe Lardy. We can't talk about Gaël without at least mentioning Mandrake. So before meeting the person of Gaël and his new challenges, we will start by asking: What did Mandrake mean and what did he bring to the GNU / Linux ecosystem? From Mandrake to Eelo and then transformed into / e / OS,… there is a long journey that we will know by its protagonist. When we talk about the uses or perhaps abuses of our data by companies such as Google, a debate has arisen in the Linux world about privacy in certain distributions such as Ubuntu or Deepin. Is a philosophy similar to that of Google being followed in those distributions, in some aspects, as a way of doing business? How much and how compatible is / e / OS with the Google store? And how are privacy raised in apps that run on /e/ OS and that already in their terms recognize a tracking? And, within the same scope, is there a system used to detect and warn or alert of improper use or backports in those applications that warn it? All this and much more in this essential interview with Gaël Duval and Philippe Lardy!

Learn how the biggest Portuguese Companies are reducing costs and avoiding vendor and cloud lock-in for remote work with Enterprise Open Workspace (Manuel Severiano, Territory Manager @ Enterprise Open Workspace)

EO.workspace delivers a single integrated workspace, bringing together multiple platforms and allowing remote access to apps and desktops from any device, anytime, anywhere.

EO.workspace is Cloud agnostic (public and private), fully supports on-premises and hybrid environments and can deliver an integrated and seamless remote workspace environment with Linux and Microsoft Applications and Desktops.

In this presentation, we are going to show how to leverage your on-premises infrastructure investment while taking advantage of cloud providers pricing characteristics. Enable drastic cost reductions on infrastructure, licensing and DR scenarios while maintaining your vendor and cloud independence and freedom of choice.

Prémio ESOP (Gerardo Lisboa, Board President @ ESOP)

Award winner announcement: 'PRÉMIO ABERTURA 2021'

18:30 - Closing

Thank you!